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THE END - ARTIST: Penguins by Choice

Listen to Dungeon Girl taken from the forthcoming album David, launched tomorrow 17th of October in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The internationally manned band Penguins by Choice is a Swiss based artist collective around the Irish-man Brendan Walsh (alias Josephine Steady), engaging the audiences with a mix of dance styles and entertaining performance. Most band members have obtained degrees in music and play multiple instruments. Penguins by Choice intertwine elements of Folk, Rock, Classical, Punk and Electro into its typical Phobobic genre.

Brendan Walsh works alongside the talented young Swiss visual artist Marina Lutz in choreographing unique performances that involve theatrical elements such as face paints, smoke machines, lights, projections and dance. The song texts are never limited to stereotype topics and just when one thinks to be listening to a normal pop band, some musical surprises occur… 

"manic" -

THE END - ARTIST: Moes Anthill

Watch The Expert by Moes Anthill:


What originally started as a Singer/Songwriter project in Zürich Switzerland evolved into a whole landscape of subtle and maverick songs. After singer Moe was soaking up the atmosphere and touring in Nashville TN to add a slight touch of Bluegrass and Banjo, the band just got back together. Their concept of paper thin and break through songs embedded in a acoustical wonderland stays the same. After two releases, Ornaments and A Birthday Cage, Moes Anthill is already working meticulously on their upcoming album in 2015. ‘There might be a thousand interesting and honest ways to create a unique sound landscape - be original and risk losing yourself’.

Bizarre instrumentation and strange lyrics that are spoken more than sung call to mind Lou Reed’s solo work!” - NO COUNTRY for NEW NASHVILLE

THE END - ARTIST: O’Hooley & Tidow

Watch Peculiar Brood from the new album The Hum


One of the most exciting acts on the contemporary folk scene today; Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow are accomplished interpreters of everything from Massive Attack to traditional Irish ballads, but it’s their own boundless songwriting and exquisite harmonies that truly shine. Their new album The Hum, produced by Mercury nominated Gerry Diver has been hailed as one of the albums of the year, with a Guardian feature, extensive airplay, and live sessions on Radio 2, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and 6 Music. After listening to The Hum, the duo received a personal invite from Billy Bragg to perform on his Leftfield Stage at Glastonbury.

They have the originality and skill to invite comparison with the folk scene’s most celebrated North American harmony duos, from early Simon and Garfunkel to the iconic Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Lyrically and musically, Belinda and Heidi’s powerful, deeply moving, and at times spine-tingling performances are infused with an honesty and empathy that will disarm even the hardest of heart.

***** ‘Boundless songwriting and exquisite harmonies that truly shine’ Guardian

‘I LOVE the new album.’ Lauren Laverne, 6 Music

‘Excellent’ **** Songlines Top of the World Album

‘Remarkable. Surely one of the albums of the year.’ **** Guardian

'Remarkable…challenging, innovative and often moving' **** Irish Times

‘Defiant, robust, northern, poetical folk music for the times we live in.’ Independent

‘Boldly defiant and sharply individual. One of British Folk’s mightiest combinations’ **** MOJO Folk Album of the Month

And the winner is…?

And the winner is…?

On yer bike - safe home Deetubs - great touring @juicevocal  @songbytoad see you anon.

On yer bike - safe home Deetubs - great touring @juicevocal @songbytoad see you anon.

Gift from @ohooleyandtidow for @theendfestival @earlhaighall 23 Nov. #promo #proper

Gift from @ohooleyandtidow for @theendfestival @earlhaighall 23 Nov. #promo #proper

#tinyruins monday @unionchapel #bellaunion brilliant (at Union Chapel, Islington - London)

#tinyruins monday @unionchapel #bellaunion brilliant (at Union Chapel, Islington - London)

An interview with Sophie Jamieson

HI SOPHIE JAMIESON:) You will be playing at the SHHH Festival tomorrow 24th of May in Hampstead. We’re really looking forward and to this occasion we’d like to ask you some questions.

Tickets can be grabbed here:

1. Where is home for you?

Home for me is a village called Datchet, in Berkshire - but to be honest it’s North/East London that feels like my real home. We’ve been gigging around that area for 2 years, my bandmates all live there and it’s where doing music generally seems to take us. Therefore it is home. 

2. What are your top three records right now?

My top three records at the moment would be:

1. Polica - Give You The Ghost

2. Broken Twin - May

3. Alice Boman - EP II

3. What will your SHHH show be like?

Our Shhh show will probably be very fitting with the festival ethic! It will be a little subdued, quite intense, but perhaps, deceivingly quiet. 

4. How do you like the idea of a festival of quiet music?

I love the idea. It is about time that someone gave us folks out there who just want to kick back and lose themselves in some gentle musical beauty, a whole day of it!! It is also very poignant I think, that this is a festival of ‘quiet’ music, rather than ‘folk’ or similar. It is very refreshing, as an artist, to be grouped not in terms of genre but in terms of atmosphere or style of performance. I think this will open some audience members’ eyes to a wider variety of genres, who may in fact have a similar ambition or focus in their music.

5. Where else should we be looking out for you?

Well, since we are taking some time off gigging over the summer to focus on writing/recording, this is one of our last London gigs for a while. We will however play a couple of festivals, including The Local’s stage at Wilderness Festival! Otherwise, you can catch us again in London in September :)





St Georges Bristol - April 25th, 2014 | Tickets £16 adv.

From inspired selections of catchy pop songs and faithful recreations of old-time country, blues and folk, to striking original scores by Carter Burwell, the movie soundtracks of Joel and Ethan Coen are as pleasurable as the films themselves, and are firm favourites amongst musicians. We have put together a bill of such artists to mix their own music in with their favourite songs from Coen Brothers films in an evening’s celebration of their work and style.

We’ve been getting together with the artists involved to find out more about them, their music, their favourite movies, and their relationship to the Coen Brothers’ work.


Identical twin sisters Charlotte and Laura Carrivick have grown up playing and writing music together. Their unique style shows their strong bluegrass influences without obscuring their English roots. With tight harmonies that only siblings can achieve, they perform their original songs on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dobro and clawhammer banjo.

1. Where is home for you? Where are you from? 

We live in Bath at the moment, but grew up in Salcombe, South Devon. Despite Salcombe being a wonderful place to live, it’s really inconvenient when you’re constantly trying to get away for gigs as it’s so far from everywhere! Once we’d started making enough money to rent somewhere of our own, we chose Bath partly for it’s convenience to motorways, but it’s also a city full of great people and music and is very beautiful.

2. What are your top 3 movies of all time, right now? 

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (for the music, the quirky plot, and the style of humour), Cold Mountain (it’s beautifully shot, has a wonderful story line, and again, great music), Pride and Prejudice (2005 version) (like Cold Mountain, the cinematography is really beautiful, and you can’t go too wrong with Jane Austen! It has also features lurchers wandering around and long horn cattle, both of which we love.)

3. What’s your favourite Coen Brothers film? 

We’ve only seen a few, but it has to be O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The characters are brilliant and the sound track features many of our musical heroes.

4. What can we expect from your set for “O Bro”?  

We’ll be performing songs from three different Coen Brothers films (Fargo, True Grit and Intolerable Cruelty). When the songs were suggested to us we thought they sounded like really interesting ones to work on. The song from Intolerable Cruelty is one that everyone will know and not something we’d ever have considered learning had the film not popped up on the TV when we were working on this! Our version may be quite different from the original…

5. Where else should we be looking out for you? 

We have gigs all over the country throughout the year both with ‘The Carrivick Sisters’ and with our new band, ‘Cardboard Fox’.